Spring is an exciting, busy, and often stressful time as pressure mounts for high school seniors to make decisions about their future. If you are having a difficult time choosing which college to attend, another visit to the campuses could help.

Make the most of your trip by following these tips:

  • Talk to students and faculty – get their perspectives on campus life, likes and dislikes about the institution and ask lots of questions.  For help on what questions to ask, download A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College: Questions to Ask on Your College Visits.
  • Sit in on a class or two – Get a feel for what your daily learning environment at that school would be like; if you can attend a class in your anticipated major – even better.
  • Take notes and pictures – Be specific, describe how you felt, the things you liked best and things you didn’t like at all – this well help you compare later.
  • If possible, spend the night – Some schools even allow prospective students to stay in the dorms, giving you the chance to experience residential living and campus nightlife.

Not a senior yet? No big deal – use these tips on any future college visits you take and be ahead of the game when it comes to selecting a school.