It’s summer. Time to relax, have fun with your friends and completely forget about school, right?              

Not exactly. 

Whether you recently graduated or are prepping for another year of high school, there are easy steps you can take this summer to ensure you are on the right path to reach your academic goals.

Still in high school?

  • Hit the road and visit colleges you find interesting. College admissions offices employ students during the summer vacation to give tours and answer questions from prospective students and their parents.
  • If you haven’t done so already, take the SAT and/or ACT tests. The sooner you get your initial test scores, the more time you have to re-take the tests if necessary.

College bound?

  • Make a list of items you will need for school and begin shopping. Start early for less stress and good savings.
  • Get a summer job. The extra money will come in handy for those unexpected college expenses and late-night pizza cravings. Many companies look for part-time help in the summer. Check out sites like that combine search results from many of the top job search engines.