It’s July, which means the time for you recent high school grads to head off to college is rapidly approaching. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer, but you also need to stay on top of any tasks needed to prepare you for your first year of college. Look for housing, new student orientation and course scheduling information to show up in your mailbox and be sure to respond to any requests from your school in a timely fashion.

For those of you with some college already under your belt, don’t fall victim to the misconception that you’ve missed your opportunity to get additional money to pay for school. There are many scholarship programs out there with eligibility guidelines that prefer – if not require – that applicants have completed a specific set of courses or number of credit hours while others target students of specific majors or fields of study. Ask your school’s financial aid office about available scholarships and grants and use a scholarship search engine like to broaden your search. Any funds you can get now will help ease the burden of loan payback after you graduate!