The end of summer is upon us which means it is time to focus on the upcoming school year. Whether you are in high school or starting college, we hope the following tips help prepare you for going back to school:

•Review and finalize your class schedule – you want your course load to be challenging but manageable. If you are planning to work, play sports or participate in any extracurricular activities, make sure you know the time commitment required and how these will affect your daily schedule.

•If you are depending on scholarship or loan funds to pay for your tuition, confirm with the funds provider and your school’s financial aid office that all money has been received.

•Adopt an eating and sleeping schedule similar to how it will be when you are going to school. If you get in the routine now, waking up early won’t feel as bad on your first day.

•Compile a list of any books, supplies and electronics you will need for your courses. During the month of August, most retailers run “Back to School” sales on common student items, so shop around for a good deal. Clothes, shoes and dorm furnishings are often discounted, too.

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