Welcome back to school! 

If you are a junior in high school, start thinking about your college plans. (Read this Newsweek story on Choosing a College!) Learn about the application process by attending an online or local college fair and talk to your parents about paying for college and financial aid. You should also meet with your guidance counselor to review your academic record and plan your schedule for senior year.
The fall is a crucial time for high school seniors when it comes to the college application process. Compile all your college and financial aid applications and check that you have all necessary materials – and stay on top of the deadline!  It’s also a good idea to schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss the colleges you have chosen to apply to – they can provide feedback on how your academic credentials measure up to a school’s standards for admittance. During your appointment, you can review your high school transcript to confirm it is accurate and up-to-date, too.
New college students, don’t be overwhelmed! In your first few weeks, focus on adapting to your new routine and learning your way around campus. If you feel homesick, introducing yourself to people in your dorm or joining a student organization is a great way to make friends. Also, try to get plenty of rest and eat right – the "freshman 15" is not mandatory! Finally, if you don’t like your classes, see an advisor right away – the sooner you get in a class you do like, them more enjoyable your college experience will be!