As you prepare to head out into the "real world," you might be worried about not making the right career decisions or choosing the right path for your future. Or, maybe you don't want to leave campus because you will miss the fun times with your friends, the freedom and the opportunities at your fingertips. As important as it is to prepare for life after college, it is also wise to reflect on your experience at college and how you have grown as a person so you can enter the next phase of your life with a clear understanding of your passions and values. So, time to reflect….

Now, if you could change anything about your college experience, what would you change? How will you be remembered? Are you proud of your legacy? If not, now is the time to do something about it.

If you need more motivation, check out this inspiring story on Marina Keegan – a talented young writer who was killed in a car accident just days after graduating from Yale University. Keegan's writings offer all of us, not just her college peers, some valuable lessons on living life and going after our dreams with conviction rather than fear.