The leaves are changing and football is back on the air, which
means the school year is officially in full swing. If you are feeling a little
overwhelmed trying to balance your classes, homework, extracurricular activities
and social life, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you get organized and
cut the stress so you can enjoy your fall semester:

  • Make your
    education a top priority
    . Whether you are a college-bound high school
    student or already enrolled in college, going to class and staying on top of
    your homework is crucial to achieving your educational goals and setting
    yourself up for success after you graduate. Consider both your short- and
    long-term goals, determine what non-school activities are most important and be
    sure to work them into your schedule – but let the other things go.

  • Define
    your limits
    . Taking the maximum number of credits per semester and joining a
    bunch of student organizations might seem like the fastest way get ahead but it
    can also make it difficult to maintain a good GPA (and your sanity). Every
    student manages time and pressure differently – figure out what works for you
    and be proud of your decision.

  • Create a plan…and
    stick to it
    . Pencil in all your classes, as well as study time and if you
    have a job, your work hours to outline a schedule. Use a personal organizer, an
    online calendar that sends alerts to your phone or download an app for your
    smartphone or tablet, like Todo, to stay up-to-date on your daily commitments
    and appointments.

  • Set aside
    “you” time
    . No matter how busy you are, it is important to give yourself
    some downtime each week. Reconnect with family and friends, go shopping, catch
    up on your favorite show – whatever helps you de-stress. Don’t forget to
    exercise, eat healthy and sleep, too!