If you are a high school senior:

  • Schedule a meeting with your guidance
    counselor to confirm you are on track to graduate and meet all college
    admission requirements.
  • Request financial aid forms and applications
    from any college or university you are interested in and mark the deadlines for
    submission on your calendar. 
  • Register for and take the standardized tests
    required for admission to your colleges of interest.
  • Ask your guidance counselor and teachers to
    submit any necessary documents (like a transcript or letter of recommendation)
    to the colleges and scholarship sponsors to which you’re applying.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor, parents,
    church and local community foundation about available scholarships and find out
    how to apply.

If you are a college student:

  • Now is the time to buckle down – stay up to
    date on your coursework and prepare for your exams.
  • It’s a good idea to make sure you have selected
    the classes you want to take next semester and have your next tuition payment figured
    out. Ask older student for advice on the best classes and professors.
  • Finally, don’t forget that there are many
    scholarship opportunities out there for current college students – if you could
    use some financial assistance, start searching now!