So you have received the financial aid award letter from your school, but now what?

If you are having trouble deciphering the letter, if the package you were offered isn't enough or if you think there is an error – get in touch with a financial aid officer from the school right away!

Here are a few things you could discuss with the fin aid officer (in a polite and mature manner, of course):

  • Does the office have all the necessary – and correct – documentation and personal/family information from you?
  • Get a thorough explanation of the letter and answers to any specific questions you may have. What does the financial aid offer cover?
  • Can they recalculate your Expected Family Contribution? (This is especially relevant if something has changed in your family situation since you filed your initial application for aid.)
  • Are there additional grant or scholarship opportunities available at the school that you must apply for separately?
  • What steps do you need to take to finalize your aid package for the fall semester?

It never hurts to ask – remember, an appeal shouldn't affect your initial offer in a negative way. You will be glad to have this part of the pre-college process completed, leaving you free to celebrate your momentous accomplishment of getting accepted!