College can be a huge culture-shock. Most high school students are used to having free time, to finishing all homework in class, and having nothing to do but chill for the next eight to ten hours. When you get to college, however, things change quickly. You have huge papers due on the same day (because it’s not like your professors communicate with each other about those kinds of things!). You’re balancing your course load, your extracurricular activities, potentially a job, and then there’s friends—it never ends. Here are some tips to achieve that perfect, primo school-life stability.


#1: Set Up A Routine

We all used to be fussy babies. One tip that’s common for parents in getting a child acclimated to life and surroundings is to set up a routine. That’s a great way to help yourself out too! Setting up a consistent, daily routine will help you wrestle back control of your time and your sanity. Every day shouldn’t be a mystery as to where you will be or what you will do. Staying consistent is key. Try getting down to business with a planner or a calendar, setting up a schedule that makes sense for you. 



Tip #2: Respect Your Private Time