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Scholarship Terminology Glossary

Award – This term will generally refer to any monies given to an applicant for use in the pursuit of an educational goal.

Application – This refers to the main component to of any scholarship, grant or tuition program. The application contains qualifying and differentiating questions based on program type and requirements. Applications may contain sections for Demographics, Academic Information, Extracurricular and Community Service Activities and essays. This information is typically provided by the applicant and must be completely filled in to be considered for the award.  ISTS may verify any information applicants provide depending on program requirements. ISTS may compare financial documents and academic transcripts to confirm accuracy of applicant-provided information.  An application may contain one or more supplements.

Supplements – This term refers to additional requirements that applicants must include to qualify as a complete submission. Recommendations, nominations and custom forms are examples of common supplements and generally require a third-party to log in to the ISTS application platform and complete a supplement request from an applicant. This process may require applicants to provide an e-mail address for the third-party or some programs may offer a print option to deliver requests by hand.

Complete Application – Indicates that ISTS has received and processed all requirements for an application.

Incomplete Application – Indicates ISTS has not yet received or processed all requirements for this application. For incomplete applications, ISTS provides a detailed breakdown and current status for each requirement. Before contacting ISTS, please verify the current status of all requirements listed under each application.

Not Started – An application is in progress, but a required online form has not been requested by the applicant. The applicant must generate a request through their online application to begin this supplemental process.

Requested – This means that for an application in progress, the applicant successfully requested the online form(s), but the requested party has not begun the supplemental process

Started – This means for an application in progress, the applicant successfully requested the online form(s), but the requested party has not successfully submitted the request.

Submitted – This means for an application in progress, the applicant successfully requested the online form(s) and the requested party has completed the supplemental process.

High School Transcripts – These are the official reports from schools that definitively show a student’s classes, grades and academic year. ISTS may use these to verify applicant-provided information in an application.

1040 Form - IRS tax form used to report financial information to the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Individuals report income and calculate income taxes to pay to the federal government.  ISTS can use these forms in the calculation Estimated Family Contribution or to verify applicant-provided information.

Estimated Family Contribution – This is the amount of money a family is expected to contribute to education before the student is considered for federal funding. EFC sums both the student and parent contributions. ISTS’ calculates EFC by taking into account both student and parent income. ISTS will also account for assets; however the calculation does not include the value of the family home.

Renewable Award – This type of award provides financial assistance to a student for a predetermined amount of time without requiring reapplication for the award. Renewals are based on student’s ability to meet the qualifications for the renewal, set forth by the program sponsor. For the renewal application process, students may be required to submit current contact, academic or financial information to qualify for renewal.