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How to Get the Most out of College

How to Get the Most out of College

Initially, when most people think of college hard work, parties and expenses come to mind. I looked at college as a trial run for “real life.” I made the most out of my college experience by thinking about my future. I wanted to create a career that I loved, so I...

Life Choices 101: Doing What’s Best for You!

Most college students have little to no budget when it comes to providing for themselves. Ramen noodles, pizza rolls and dollar menus are essential to the college life survival kit. You're there for every free pizza party, ice cream social and cookies in the dorm...

Credit score? What’s that?!

You probably wonder why you get so many pre-approved credit card and loan offers to welcome you to adulthood. You think to yourself, “Is this fate’s way of telling me I should get that new iPad and a whole new wardrobe for college?” Sorry to tell you, but no, it’s not...

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