I make a concerted effort to balance a busy work life with an even busier home life. Sometimes I can feel time passing way too quickly when it comes to watching my children (10, 12 and 13) change. It feels like the clock has sped up and I can’t slow it down. Solution: do things with them as often as possible, take lots of pictures and journal about it. I try to write down things they say. But often, by the time I’ve found the paper and pen, the words are gone.

Recently we had the great privilege of spending a week in the big apple. In advance of the trip my husband had the great idea to have each kid pick a restaurant or two they had seen on The Food Network for us to try. Boy did we try! We had roasted marshmallow milkshakes and ‘the world’s best hamburger’; we ate dim sum and very long noodles, Afghani, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and the largest roast beef sandwich I’ve ever seen at Katz’ deli. I had the split pea soup.

Thank goodness we walked most everywhere!

My favorite in terms of decadence, though, was the square donuts filled with blackberry jelly at The Donut Plant. This place was literally a ‘hole in the wall’ about 8 feet X 20 feet full of donuts- a rectangular paradise.
As we sat there, almost on top of each other, each kid with something sweet and sticky on their face and in their hands, while it rained sideways outside, I asked my brain to please, please preserve this moment as a memory I can conjure up when I need it. When I allow work to stress me out or when I am having trouble solving a problem, let me think of donuts holes in a hole in the wall. When I’m not perfect but want to be, let me imagine the dark jelly on my son’s cheek which he let me clean off only as a mother would. When I miss my mark, let me think of the rows and rows of chocolate glazed squares. When I don’t have the right answer let me ‘see’ the kids squished between my husband and me, their feet taping the floor as the sugar pumps through them and hopefully the smell of donuts will accompany the memory and help me keep it all in perspective.