Have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to enter a sparsely furnished room? It’s calm and soothing to me. The same goes for the condition of my car or my desk – the less stuff, the better. I’ve been working on simplifying the spaces around me as much as possible. What I’ve found is that the more I do it to the stuff I can actually physically get rid of, the more I want to apply the same method to my electronic world. Recently I worked on the following with incredibly energizing results:

  • only a few icons on my desk top
  • clearing out my email in box as often as I can
  • keeping reminders to a manageable number (single digits, please!)
  • deleting all old voicemail messages
  • deleting files that were over a year old
  • cleaning out my blackberry every day

WOW! My electronic world is much less demanding when it’s organized and neat. I had a lot of junk I had not looked at in literally years; all of it was taking up not only disk space, but also sucking energy from me every time I wondered what ‘that’ was and read it.

The packrats will cringe at the idea I might want something later that I discarded. So be it. I’m betting that the time I spend looking for the stuff I deleted, recycled, donated and pitched will be tiny compared to the overwhelming sense of calm that engulfs me every time I press the delete key, made a trip to the local donation drop off site or trash can. And nope, I’m not keeping a copy of this in ‘my documents’ just in case