Nashville recently experienced a terrible weather event when a 500 year flood took out hundreds of homes and many lives. What amazed people, who call Nashville home but are transplants, was the speed with which everyone began helping their neighbors. I was so proud of our corporate team when they inundated me with requests to help out in the community. The media reported that one challenge was coordinating the thousands of volunteers! What a great challenge to have in the face of so much loss.

Those of us who have had the privelege to grow up in the ‘Volunteer State’ know that helping out is just a part of who we are. Tennesseans look for chances to lend a helping hand; it’s in our nature.

As a company, one of our values is giving back. In fact, we are working on a new plan whereby we track our volunteer hours so that we can all see how much we are volunteering. My opinion is that when you volunteer you get back a lot more than you give and our team surely gives a lot. Thanks to everyone who helped a friend, neighbor or perfect stranger!