I enjoy staying in shape and have made fitness a part of my lifesytle. I also have made the mistake assuming that others will get the same joy out of hours of exercise that I do. Unfortunately, when not careful, my enthusiasm can result in others feeling they are being pressured to work out: I just know they’ll love it if they give it a try – WRONG! Fitness, like any other hobby, should be done only if it brings joy.

A friend of mine plays golf. He, enthusiastically, encouraged me to learn the game. After a couple tries I knew it was not the pastime for me, unless we could incorporate tackles or dodging paint balls while putting. The quiet component was also not a fit for me. Being outside just brings out the loud person in me.

Is golf bad? No way. Neither is trail running nor walking the dog nor playing catch with the kids. The key is finding the physical activity that brings a smile to your face! I met a woman the other day at a doctor’s office who told me all about her upcoming kickball game. She was so excited about it I started thinking about joining the kickball league!

Our company is sponsoring a walk-a-thon this fall. It’s a great event because it’s open to kids and pets of all ages; you can walk, jog or run it; and it’s free. I’m hoping we’ll get a good showing that day, but only if participating brightens the day of those who come out.