The United States Department of Education collaborated with students to create , a website providing resources, information and inspiration to students and parents looking to further their education.

The  KnowHow2GO campaign, launched in January 2007 by the Ad Council, American Council on Education and the Lumina Foundation for Education, has grown to encompass a multimedia effort aimed at helping low income and other underrepresented individuals realize their college dreams. Learn the KnowHow2GO’s four steps to college. 

The NCAA committee that reviews recruiting conduct announced in late June 2010 that it hopes to prohibit scholarship offers to recruits prior to July 1 the summer between their junior and senior year of high school. The issue of early scholarship offers has drawn recent scrutiny after reports surfaced of men’s college basketball and football coaches seeking out middle school players for recruiting purposes. Voting on the proposal will not take place before January and the NCAA Legislative Council could delay a decision until April 2011.