Interview with Brandy Clark, International Scholarship & Tuition Services, Inc.

What types of programs are most likely to allow renewal?

Renewable scholarships are more common with employment related awards than those for the general public. If you are employed, talk with your Human Resources or hiring department about any available scholarships. Or, see if your parents’ employers offer educational assistance. While there is little consistency as to the industries that offer renewable scholarships, these awards are usually renewable for four (4) years or until you earn your degree, whichever comes first.

What steps should a student take if they are awarded a renewal scholarship?

If you are awarded, it is important to know the requirements of retaining your scholarship and the deadlines for completing your renewal forms and providing any supporting documentation. Being as familiar as possible with the requirements of the scholarship and process to renew will ensure you receive your award year after year.

To make the renewal process easier, Brandy recommends you consider these tips:

  • Always make sure the administrator of your scholarship has your most recent contact and college information and know who you should contact if you have questions.
  • Complete your renewal forms as early as possible so any problems can be identified and resolved before the deadline.
  • Know the requirements – such as GPA standard, field of study or allowable expenses –you must fulfill in order to remain eligible.
  • Know how the administrator of your scholarship will contact you regarding your renewal – we recommend adding their e-mail address to your safe list and of course, keep your mailing address and phone number up-to-date