College housing options are notoriously drab and confining, offering limited storage and personal space. You’ve probably worked hard to infuse some personality into your room and make it feel like home – but after months of classes and socializing, chances are things have gotten a little messy.Dustpan

Break through the clutter and reclaim your space with these quick and easy tips to spring cleaning, dorm-room style:  


  1. Purge your desk of all the handouts, readings and homework you have accumulated over the school year. Just be sure to scan and save a digital copy of any old papers or notes you might want to reference in the future before you head to the recycling bin.

    Same goes for your magazine collection. You’ve already read them (probably more than once, am I right?), so why let them junk up your shelves? Recycle them or donate them to your student lounge or gym.

  2. Gather up your old textbooks and any supplies you no longer need – and sell them! You will not only make some money and lighten your load for when you move out, but also help other students find cheaper books. Check out online textbook resellers like and for more details on the process.
  3. Take an inventory of your closet. Get out-of-season clothes out of the way by storing them in underbed boxes or shipping them home. For clothes you no longer want, plan a swap party with friends, sell items to a consignment shop or give them to Goodwill.
  4. Finally, do a clean sweep of your area. There is no way around it – after all, it is called “spring cleaning.” Get rid of any old food and miscellaneous trash, then wipe everything down and throw your linens in the laundry. You can’t force a roommate to be tidy, but you can make sure your space is fresh, organized and dust-bunny free.

So put on some music and make an afternoon of it. When the school year ends and it’s time to pack up, you’ll be glad you did.