As we approach the end of the school year, many of you are probably trying to determine your plans for summer break. If you are one of the millions of students and recent grads hoping to land a prestigious internship or job when the school year is finished, take note – the competition can be intense and employers won't waste time on poorly completed applications and applicants who cannot follow instructions.

Remember, your application must make an impression on the person evaluating it – but for the right reasons. Think of your application as an advertisement for yourself and your skills, but be sure not to sound egotistical. Make the reader feel like they have to know more about you and have you as a part of his/her team. Also, it's smart to research  the company or organization to which you are applying so you are up-to-date on how they operate and where their focus lies.

And for goodness sake – check your grammar and spelling! Something as little as a typo or misspelled word could push your application into the reject pile.


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