Growing up, San Diego-native Jordan Taylor Moore heard many stories about Ronald Reagan and his views on leadership from her uncle who worked in Congress and possessed a sort of hero-worship for the former California Governor and 40th President. So when Moore came across a scholarship program in Reagan’s honor during an online scholarship search her senior year of high school, she was immediately intrigued.

The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program, launched last year, awards annual scholarships to up to 20 college-bound high school seniors who exhibit leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship. Applicants must also be nominated by a community leader and demonstrate financial need and strong academic achievement.

Moore decided to apply for the new scholarship and garnered a nomination from her local congressman. In June of 2011 she learned she had been selected as one of the program’s inaugural winners, netting her $10,000 per year in scholarship assistance for up to four years.

For Moore, winning the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship means she can focus on her true passions – protecting the environment for future generations and serving as a leader for social and political change – without having to worry about how she will afford her expensive tuition.

“GE and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation are allowing me to receive the education of a lifetime without incurring student loans,” said Moore. “The current problems with our global economy make it very difficult to afford college educations for most of the graduating seniors in our nation. If we cannot even afford to pay for the education – the key to achievement and success – how can we be expected to move forward as a nation and lead our country and world into the future?”

Moore, now 19, is currently finishing up her freshman year at Yale University. Once she finishes Yale’s five-year Master’s program in Environmental Studies, Moore plans to attend law school so she can play a greater role in the movements to protect our natural resources and find alternative energy solutions.

“As a global citizen, and more importantly, an American, I am constantly reminded that we are blessed to live among such freedoms that others are not. But with these freedoms comes responsibility and I take these responsibilities seriously,” said Moore. “Reagan lived his life by some simple guidelines that were truly a part of his character. He maintained his principals, never compromised integrity, learned to respect the opinions of others and led by example. I believe that I have lived my life in a similar way.”

The GE-Reagan Foundation Scholars for 2012-2013 will be announced this summer. Read more about scholarship programs funded by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation by visiting