The 2012 Presidential Election is quickly approaching and
with 19 to 29-year-olds making up the largest segment of potential voters,
issues affecting young people are sure to have a great impact on the outcome.
Rebecca Rubin, a high school student and first-time voter recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition,
argues that “A candidate who effectively addresses the rising cost of education
would not only draw student votes, but also give a lift to the economy.” Do you
agree? Read more about the election here
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These days, you probably hear a lot about tuition costs
skyrocketing at colleges and universities across the country. What you might
not hear as much about, however, is that the amount of financial aid available
to students has increased dramatically as well – more than 50% in grants and
scholarships over the last decade. Learn more about emerging trends in
financial aid for students here.