So little time…or not.

I am pretty thankful a lot of the time – in my head. Yep, I think about people and things for which I’m thankful regularly. If I counted, I bet I could come up with dozens of thankful thoughts I have every day. This time of year, I become more aware of the things for which I’m thankful. As I was thinking about this today, I began to wonder if I expressed my thanks or just thought about them. Uh oh – it’s so much easier to thank someone in my head than in person. There’s all that talking and such.

Ok, so here I go:

    • Thank you, Grandmom, for enjoying the mess associated with making homemade cookies with small children.
    • Thank you, Dad, for believing that daughters are just as capable as sons.
    • Thank you, Mom, for understanding that sometimes daughters just don’t want to wear a dress or anything with lace on it.
    • Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the Internet.
    • Thank you, universe, for pugs.
    • Thank you, France, for the baguette.
    • Thank you, Percy Warner Park, for trails.
    • Thank you, University of Tennessee, for this year’s football season (Vanderbilt hasn’t beaten UT since 1982 – I was at that game!)
    • Thank you, Fall, for your amazing colors.
    • Thank you, Steve Jobs, for the iPad, iMac and iPhone¬† – iBelieve.

Like you, I could go on and on, but I’ll just add that I am extremely thankful for lavender and Chianti and Smartwool socks and figs and brie and yoga and HD and Netflix and hands-free calling from inside my car. But most of all, I am thankful to be an American. Thanksgiving is our deal. It’s our thing. And I am thankful we have and enjoy it. At this time of year, I’m taking an extra minute to appreciate what we have, despite the list of things we can improve. I am going to take a bit more time to find connections with people whose experiences and views are different than mine in hopes that we can be thankful together.


– Becky Sharpe, President & CEO