Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out – In A Good Way!

  • Proofread – Check your essay for grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting errors – and make sure you have adhered to the word limit (if there is one). These little mistakes can make you seem lazy or careless to the reviewer.
  • Be Honest – Not only will it make the writing process easier, but your genuine voice will shine through rather than your perception of what you “think” the scholarship committee wants to hear. Plus, it’s easy to tell when someone is making something up – so don’t talk about how working at soup kitchen made you want to be a chef unless it really happened.
  • Get To The Point – Whether you are ask to respond to a specific question or invited to write about anything you want, it is extremely important to be concise and deliberate in what you write. Scholarship committees see hundreds, if not thousands, of essays every year – they don’t have time for fluff or pages upon pages of words that don’t address the given topic.
  • Think Outside the Box – When possible, try to inject some personality and creativity into your essay. For example, you could use song lyrics, a personal story or unique analogy to illustrate your point of view. Some programs even accept video essay submissions!
  • Act Like A Pro – It’s writing, after all, so language and tone are important. Don’t use profanity and avoid abbreviations, emoticons and text speak – your writing needs to be mature, professional and easy to read.