Yeyin Photo1At a very young age, Yeyin Yi decided she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare when she grew up. Little did she know, however, that a product her family depended on throughout her childhood would have a major impact on her journey to achieving her childhood goal. 

Last year, Yi was selected as one of the top ten 2012 Future Care Scholars, netting her a $10,000 scholarship from the makers of Tylenol.

Over the past two decades, the makers of Tylenol have given away nearly $9 million in scholarship awards to students pursuing a healthcare education. The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship offers 30 awards at $5,000 and 10 awards at $10,000 to undergraduate and graduate students who have completed a minimum of one year of study in public health, health education, nursing, medicine or pharmacy.

“While growing up, Tylenol was the ‘go-to’ drug for our family, so I had great pride in the act of just submitting an application for the scholarship,” said Yi. “Winning this scholarship inspires great pride in myself, an element of shock and an immense abundance of gratitude to Tylenol.”

“I am so honored to have received such an award, and the impact it has made financially is exceedingly recognized but the impact it has made to my confidence is invaluable,” added Yi.

Yi, now 33, holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both biology and nursing and is currently a Doctor of Nursing Practice student at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing. Yi’s decision to enter the healthcare field was not motivated by a noteworthy event or person in her life; instead, she attributes her character as the strongest contributing factor.

“I am a sensitive individual who has always strived to make those around me feel better, whether they needed emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual support,” said Yi. “Becoming a health professional was a natural course for me and it reflects the part of my personality that finds pleasure in helping others.”

In addition to her professional goals – which include serving as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in a large teaching hospital, educating undergraduate and graduate-level nursing students and participating in clinical research – Yi is dedicated to giving back through outreach and volunteer work. Specifically, she hopes to contribute her time and attention to opportunities involving mission work in indigent countries and local programs focused on eradicating disparate healthcare.

The 2013 Tylenol Future Care Scholarship application period will open in April. For more details and updates, connect with the program on Facebook.