It is no secret that the costs associated with attending college have gone up dramatically (and who knows when this trend will stop), leaving students and their families with the difficult task of figuring out how to pay for school without going broke. Scholarships and college-savings plans help, but many families are forced to turn to loans in order to make college a reality. But with the federal student loan rate a constant point of contention for our government, the loan option is even more undesirable.


So what is the solution?


Oregon legislators have an idea. 

The "Pay It Forward" scale of tuition, approved by state legislators recently, will allow any student to attend a college or university in Oregon without paying tuition. When he or she graduates, the student will contribute to the program through paycheck deductions (for many years) based on a sliding scale of the graduate's income. These deductions will be used to finance future student's college attendance. 

It will be interesting to see if other states adopt alternatives to tuition payments similar to Oregon's solution. Do you think it is a good idea – or is it just another type of post-graduation debt about which students will have to worry?