The rope-bridge that connects all of my devices frustrates me. Especially when in school, when I would have things to read and I wouldn’t always be near my computer or I’d have to go from my phone to computer or vice-versa. I would copy the link and send myself an email, for later reading. Then I would forget. I repeated this process—this clunky and tired process.

Thankfully, the good people at Pushbullet have reinforced the rope-bridge with steel and put some sick neon under it.

Pushbullet is an app that finally, and truthfully, unifies your devices. Using the flexibility of Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, Pushbullet has unified even the most conflicting devices. So all the files, links, and projects that you have to do, you can take with you. And much easier than before.

It works like this: you create an account on the Pushbullet website. From there you can install the lightweight addon to your browser or computer.

That’s really it. It’s just that easy. When you access the application you can easily drag on files that you need to forward to your other devices, you can send yourself notes, links, whatever it is that you need to get done or read.

Even better, they have channels that you can follow and get updates whenever there’s something new happening in a community.

If you want to continue to improve your school-game, install the app on your iPhone or Android device. Login and you’re automatically linked. You can send your computer the important articles you wanted to read, the PDF that you needed to skim through, or the powerpoint that you need to print off at home.

And what’s even handier, is that Pushbullet will notify you when you have something sent to your device. So you can forward that lecture to yourself, and actually remember to print out the slides.

It’s made my life a ton easier. And if you’re like me and like to have your stuff on the bus or in your chair at home, Pushbullet will make it all easier. The app’s still growing and improving every day, so get it and get connected.