Get organized. Stay focused. Be prepared. Your matriculation depends on it!



No matter how long or short the paper, you have to create a bibliography. Bibliographies require attention to detail, organization and a clear understanding of all the different formats (MLA, APA, AP).

That’s where RefMe comes into play. RefMe is a foolproof tool for your papers. Rather than scouring the internet for the publishing information and the copyright, RefMe allows you to scan the barcode on the back and in turn gives you the appropriate citation for the work you’re referencing. The app is free on both iOS and Android markets. Simply download the app, create an account and get to referencing!

It’s not the sexiest app on your phone, but it will help you. The interface is clean and the method is self-explanatory. It even saves all your references for whatever essay you may be writing in case you ever need to return to that one page you used but can’t remember.


StudyBlue Sb

StudyBlue’s premise is simple—you create reference study materials, quizzes and flashcards that you can take anywhere to help you ace your next final.

This app is useful in two interesting ways: 1) When you create your account you’re asked where you go to school. Intrusive? No – incredible! The engine searches for other users from your school and enables you to see how many have already made study materials. 2) The app also asks you what course you’re taking. If someone has created public study materials for that course, you can view them. StudyBlue archives the materials from previous course-takers. You can use the materials from someone who took your class with the same teacher two years ago. Turn up the volume on your studying with this powerhouse of an app.


GsGenius Scan

Maybe you’re in a class and the professor doesn’t like students to use laptops. Maybe you’re in high school where they’re not even allowed. Or maybe you just prefer to take notes by hand.

In any case, you don’t want to carry a notebook all the time and you should always have back up notes in case something disastrous happens. Enter Genius Scan.

Genius Scan allows you to take photos and digitize all your notes easily. You can download the app and use it to take a picture of your handwritten notes. What makes it different from just using your camera? You can make them more legible faster and easier and organize and tag them to make finding your notes a snap. You can also export them to your cloud or use Genius Scan’s built in Wi-Fi Sharing functionality to get them on your computer.

If you pay for it, you unlock even more tools, like auto-upload and PDF imports. Genius Scan puts all your notes in your pocket rather than locking them up in your notebook.


Wunderlist Wl

Got a group project that needs some synchronization? Have a study-partner that needs some direction or a list of things to do but not a list-thing to put them on?

Wunderlist remedies these problems beautifully. A simple yet powerful app, Wunderlist allows you to make to-do lists and set reminders much more detailed than a standard note-taking app. Wunderlist allows you to create your to-do item, then flesh that item out with incredible information.

Maybe you have “Study Bio” at 8:00 tonight. Wunderlist allows you to add sub-lists and tasks to each item on your items. All of the sudden, “Study Bio” becomes “study bio, chapters 13-14 from 8:00-8:30, chapters 15 & 18 at 8:45.” That’s just in your “School” section. Having this detailed list is a great way to stay ahead and develop discipline about the things you need to get done.

Even better, you can share these lists with your friends. Being a group leader becomes a lot less daunting when everyone is on the same page. You can even have conversations about particular items on your shared lists.

Wunderlist will turn you into a doer, rather than a to-doer.


ScSelfControl (Mac)/Cold Turkey (Windows)

The internet is incredible and it’s no surprise people are distracted by what amounts to an infinite Library of Alexandria at their fingertips.

But even if you shutoff your phone (the horror) and throw it across the room, you still have to deal with the temptations your computer offers.

SelfControl and Cold Turkey are nuclear answers to your internet addiction. Both of these programs block out websites and application use from the thing that you need to get done. No ifs. No restarts. Nothing. Set the timer, lock yourself out and enjoy getting something done without distractions.