Whether you are celebrating a high school or college graduation, we congratulate you on your achievement! You may be feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the new roles and responsibilities you will be taking on after you receive your diploma – but don’t panic, it is completely normal.  Plus, we have some tips to help your transition be a smooth as the Treblemakers in Pitch Perfect.



If you’re graduating from high school, you may be getting ready to embark on the new adventure that awaits you in college. There will be no one there to remind you when your paper is due, make sure you’re awake for class and give you lunch money. It is so important to stay organized and establish a routine! Get a day planner to keep track of your assignments (ahem, your brain does not count as a day planner), be on a first-name basis with your assigned advisor and don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice from professors and peers. Another tip: download an online banking app to monitor your spending and set a budget to keep you on track. Keep in mind that scholarship opportunities aren’t just for high school seniors – there are hundreds of companies and foundations that offer them to college students as well. And lastly, don’t be scared to try new things and embrace your independence. This is the time when you’ll make memories and friendships to last a lifetime – enjoy every moment!

If you are getting ready to graduate from college and enter the real world, take every opportunity you can to savor the time you have left on campus – visit your favorite hangouts, spend time with friends. Also, make plans to stay involved as an alumnus because you’ll look back at the years you’ve spent working towards this goal and will miss your alma mater. Of course, if you haven’t done so already, you should also get your resume together. There are plenty of resources online that offer templates and tips for making your first impression on paper a good one. Just Google “resume tips” for a substantial amount of articles. Whether you are looking at a specific career path or still figuring things out, it’s also wise to explore summer internships or opportunities that may help you get an idea and learn more about a certain field or career that interests you. If you already have a few interviews lined up, research the company and role you are interviewing for – and come prepared with questions to ask your interviewer.

ScholarUp wishes you the best success in your future endeavors! Stay motivated and focus on cultivating your best self.