School’s out for a lot of students, but there are many who enroll in summer classes. Summer school has its pros – is a great way to play catch-up, boost your GPA, explore courses in a different field or even graduate early. Still, we know it can be hard to get up and go to class every day instead of relaxing by the lake or taking up a summer job, but keeping your eye on the prize – your education – will pay off! 

Another advantage of summer classes? The library and student centers are noticeably quieter and less crowded. You more than likely won’t be waiting to use a computer, printer or book. Summer classes tend to move a lot faster than a regular semester, so if you feel yourself falling behind, speak up and get help from your instructor. Also, take advantage of your campus’ Learning Centers! They provide many free resources to help you study, plus tutoring in all subjects.

Time management is one of the best tips we can offer. To resist burnout, stay on top of your classwork but make sure you schedule in time for fun! Your summer will be more enjoyable and productive – we promise. You don’t want to have to turn down an invitation to the pool because you waited until the last minute to complete an assignment. Also, a good way to enjoy the summer air is to spread out a blanket at the park and study your notes or read over chapters before class.

Above all, feel proud that you are working towards achieving your educational goals and know that you are getting closer with each assignment, term paper and final exam!