Have you ever wished your college textbooks were free? Well, OpenStax just made your wish come true!

OpenStax is a non-profit organization based at Rice University that provides free, openly licensed textbooks for higher education courses. Subjects range from high school Advanced Placement® physics to college level macroeconomics with additional subjects under constant development. Openstax meme

Each book is written by professional content developers who are experts in their field and undergo a rigorous peer-review before release. All books are available for free digital download however, print copies are available and range from about $30-$60 on Amazon.

Institutions like Auburn University, UCONN, Ohio State University and more have adopted OpenStax.

Used by hundreds of thousands of students all over the country, OpenStax has saved students over $155 million since 2012. With the cost of higher education steadily increasing, initiatives like OpenStax are definitely needed.

Here’s to saying farewell to the “You paid $300 four months ago? The best we can do is $4.37!” at the bookstore.