Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, is a weight loss & lifestyle coach for women, a TV personality, and a health & fitness expert. However, this reality for Stephanie used to be just a dream.Steph Gym-With-Weight

Business woman, lawyer, doctor or teacher. Those were the only options Stephanie thought she had as a little girl. As a first grader she distinctly remembers wanting to be a teacher, but not just any kind of teacher – a teacher on TV. However, when she reached high school she figured business was the right path for her since her family had a business background. “I didn’t know you could major in anything else,” Stephanie told ScholarUp.

Stephanie entered college as a freshman at the University of Michigan and was on track to become a business woman in corporate America until she was rejected from business school. With her hopes slightly crushed and an “end of the world” mood setting in, she soon realized there were other options. “Everything happens for a reason and being rejected from business school was a blessing in disguise,” Stephanie said enthusiastically.

Stephanie enrolled in the communications program and got involved with the campus TV station. Having gained the dreaded “freshman 15”, she quickly noticed a void in the station’s programming. There were no fitness themed shows!

Stephanie then put a lot of blood, sweat (literally) and tears into starting her own aerobics TV show. She was responsible for producing the show, gathering a crew to operate the cameras and recruiting on-air talent to perform the exercise routines she choreographed. On top of all that, she hosted the show. Stephanie described the experience as fun and one that helped her find her passion.

Continuing with the program, Stephanie earned her BA in Communications with an emphasis on Women’s Studies & Psychology and hoped to join the workforce right away.

Upon graduation all of her friends already had great job offers, but Stephanie didn’t. The “end of the world” mood reared its ugly head once again, but she reminded herself that everything happens for a reason. Eventually she took an entry level job working for Lifetime in New York City as an assistant and then landed another position in Los Angeles with the Dr. Phil Show. However, after one year she realized being behind the scenes wasn’t her passion. So she quit.

Stephanie got a desk job and actively worked on pursuing a career in fitness. She started making workout videos on YouTube and earned her personal training, yoga and Pilates certifications. Steph

After being fired in 2008, Stephanie decided to start her own company, Step It Up with Steph. Over the next few months she constantly posted workout videos on YouTube and actively recruited clients for private personal training sessions. Stephanie then went back to the TV station in Michigan where she interned during college and filmed several fitness segments.

After starting with smaller stations, she eventually moved to bigger markets, crediting her degree in mass communications for some of her success. “Studying communications gave me the foundation to analyze what message I wanted to get viewers,” Stephanie said. Now she has been featured on CNN, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and more than 50 television shows.

“My personal mantra is ‘Go big or go home!’ and after being fired in 2008 I knew I had to make Step It Up with Steph work. A lot of people will tell you go to college, get a degree and go to work. But you have to listen to your inner voice. Find your passion and do what you’re called to do.”

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Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, is on a mission to help women lose weight fast and make it last. Steph is a weight loss and lifestyle coach for women, a TV personality, and a health & fitness expert. As a recovered dieter with low self-esteem, and a former overweight, anxious, and stressed out insomniac, Stephanie holistically transformed her life and started her company in 2008 to help others do the same.