Spring break is here and the end of the semester is near. Don't be the student scrambling to get your grades up because you've abandoned ship. 

Survive the rest of the semester with these three helpful tips. 

1. Complete all extra credit opportunities before the last minute.

Go to that seminar, watch that special on CNN your teacher told you about. Those small extra credit points could help boost that B up to an A when it’s time for final grades to come out.

2. Stay on top of your deadlines.

You have a smart phone, now use it! Add your assignment due dates to your calendar. Set reminders to study. Have a plan those final papers so it won’t seem so overwhelming. You don’t want to be the one friend stuck doing a 15 page paper the night before its due while everyone else is out celebrating the end of the semester!

3. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours.

Office hours are set for a reason. You can schedule an appointment to have one on one time to discuss any questions or concerns you have about the class or assignments. Have a paper due? Ask your professor to critique it during their office hours before it’s time to turn it in. This way you can revise it in order to do your best.