Do you love to play video games- Make a career out of it! (1)
The end of the semester is right around the corner!  How will you spend your summer? Do you plan on spending the next few months scrolling through Instagram and binge watching shows on Netflix? Or will you get things done? Relaxing and unwinding are keys to having a great summer but don’t forget to be productive! Life is about finding the balance.

Start working on those #LifeGoals with our four ways to get ahead this summer!

1. Apply for scholarships.

Because who doesn't need money for school! 

2. Intern

Add some flare to your resume! "You have too many internships," said no one ever! Internships give you the opportunity to gain work experience. They also give you an opportunity to travel for the summer depending on what type of internship you apply for. 

3. Start a project

Work on one of those brilliant ideas you have stored away! No matter if it's a cool DIY project you saw on Pinterest, learning a new skill, or starting that business you meant to get off the ground last year, get to it this summer! 

4. Save money

The summer is full of fun events, but you don't have to accept every invitation. Set a budget for fun activities and stick with it. Try using the 48 hour rule when going out with friends. If the event is within 48 hours politely decline and save the money you would have spent going out!