Life Choices 101 (1)

Most college students have little to no budget when it comes to providing for themselves.

Ramen noodles, pizza rolls and dollar menus are essential to the college life survival kit. You're there for every free pizza party, ice cream social and cookies in the dorm lobby.

Your friends are always asking you to go out, but you really don't have the funds since you had to buy those new tires for your car.

Your favorite artist is coming to town, but you're saving up for that laptop you need for class.

Your roommate is planning a road trip, but you have to pay your phone bill and buy gas for your car.

Welcome to life choices 101!

Being broke can really be a pain, but you must do what's best for you.

There were plenty of times I skipped out on events to save money. I would see students parking their new Mustangs, Challengers and BMWs and look at my 2001 Ford Focus with a side eye. Surprisingly most of those students were in class asking people around them to share their book because they couldn't afford to buy their own from the bookstore.

You can't worry about missing out or not looking cool when you have priorities. It’s totally OK to skip out on Buffalo Wild Wings and eat in the cafe instead. It's OK to stick with the old car your parents gave you, when all you need to get from point A to point B.

And when you see those new shoes you've been eyeing on sale, don't do it if you don’t need them! You tell yourself "They were $120 and now they are 30 percent off? I HAVE to get them!”

The thing is you didn't save $36. You spent $84. Think about it. 






Tonisha Brown is a Nashville native with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Tennessee State University. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, writing and shopping.