Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Changing the world is what former 6th-grade history teacher, Jasmine Morris, plans to do with her company Tutor Me. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Tutor Me specializes in one-on-one tutoring sessions for students in grades K-8.

“My friends and family members would always ask me to help their kids in my spare time and over the summer so I decided to turn it into a business,” said Morris.

Most of the students she works with she already has an established relationship with them and their parents due to her background in education. Hailing an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a master’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Public Administration with an emphasis in education, Tutor Me is more than a just a hobby to Morris. Jasmine Morris Tutor Me

After gaining experience as a volunteer tutor at her local YMCA during her college career, she realized the impact she could have on children. College also gave her the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Chicago where she worked in their schools with underserved youth. She also credits courses like her literacy methods class where she conducted weekly reading clinics at local Nashville schools as contributing to her passion for making a difference through education.

“I noticed that sometimes parents would get frustrated because they don’t get the homework enough to help or have a hard time understanding why their child isn’t grasping the concept,” Morris told ScholarUp.

As a one-man show, Morris pays for all of Tutor Me’s supplies out of her own pocket. “The dollar tree has so many great resources. The Parent-Teacher Store is one of my go-to spots too.”

Now she needs more volunteer to help her out as the demand for her services is growing. “I am always looking for high school and college students to help out the kids I work with.”

Learn more about Tutor Me on Instagram (@tutorme_615) or by emailing Jasmine Morris at