Since we went 100% remote, I have been creating daily video posts for our team. I thought that a daily message would help keep our mission and core values in front of people and let them see that I, too, sometimes wear my pajamas pants while on video conference calls (i.e., nobody is perfect and there is no reason to stress out if your child or pet interrupts on occasion – C’est la vie).

After weeks of recording myself, I started to wonder if the one-woman show might be getting a bit BOR-ING, so I began interviewing co-workers and guests. A new energy emerged as I got to exit the spotlight and let others take center stage. I love hearing what others have to say and appreciate it immensely when they tell me things about their lives and experiences.

I have always believed that the best way to learn is to zip it and listen and even though I’m not always an “A” student in that area, I love the class. One of my special guests shared that he had started video calling his family members and interviewing them, only to discover his influence on them had been more positive than he had ever imagined. The result: a deeper relationship with his family. Another person shared that she had been inundated with innovative ideas. The time she used to spend commuting was now spent on how to bring her organization through and beyond the CV19 crisis and her attitude was one of resilience. A third person shared his fun approaches to marketing and creating unique selling propositions (a.k.a. tag lines) that leave people confused…and asking more questions about what you do, like ‘we tighten your rope’ or ‘we store precious resources’.

The concept of active listening is one I have written about before. Listening and being engaged while on video conference calls can be a challenge. One of the positives that has come from my remote work has been getting to know people who have been in my business life but whom I had not taken the time to get to know as well as I could have. I hope that everyone who reads this thinks about a few people who they would like to know a little better and ask them to virtual coffee.

– Becky Sharpe, President & CEO