As we count down the final days paying for office space that we have not fully occupied for more than a year, this week we started a new tradition: a monthly, virtual team meeting we are calling “Tidal Pool”. Our mascot is the Starfish and as we brainstormed on a fun way to meet, one of our teammates came up with the idea of calling the meeting Tidal Pool. I Googled the term and found:

A tidal pool, also commonly called a tide pool or rock pool is water left behind when the ocean recedes at low tide. Tidal pools can be large or small, deep or shallow.


Animals in a tide pool must deal with changing moisture, temperatures and water salinity. Most also can face rough waves and high winds. Thus, tide pool animals have many adaptations to help them survive in this challenging environment.

We had a lively meeting, recognizing birthdays and work anniversaries and getting to know a teammate’s pets. Then two people introduced each other, as we created a virtual water cooler moment.

The meeting lasted 15 minutes and everyone gave it a thumbs-up; a sign, I believe, that we are figuring out how to be virtual and connected. As I read Google’s response to my inquiry, I immediately saw a parallel. The tide of COVID-19 is receding and the resilient are thriving and adapting. Sadly, some people have not been able to handle all the change and have, metaphorically speaking, been pulled out to sea. Our company is a place where those with a growth mindset, who are curious and willing to learn, will thrive but those who believe they have it all figured out, are the best they ever will be, with a fixed mindset will not find solace here.

We will meet the first week of each month and have an associated theme. I imagine that each meeting will be a little better than the last as our team provides feedback and suggestions. Our tidal pool will evolve, get larger and deeper and be the home to the beautiful variety of people we get to work with every day.

– Becky Sharpe, President & CEO