On or about 12/13/2021, Comet Leonard whooshed by in the night sky. If you were lucky enough to be in a place to see it with your own eyes, it was magnificent. Do a Google search for a video of it and I think you’ll be equally impressed with the blues and purples streaming behind it; a bright light flying across the star-bejeweled night.

Watching it, I pondered that it has spent the last 35,000 years traveling in space. I can’t get my head around that amount of time – or the speed: 158,000 miles per hour and yet it still appears to be moving slowly when viewed from our planet!

Comet fragments fly by and I realize I’ve been utterly entranced for a few minutes with the splendor of it all. After being pulled back into the present I felt calm and rested, like I’d slept until 10 on a Saturday morning, waking without an alarm.

From a work perspective, getting lost with Leonard made me think about how important it is to take clarity breaks, moments of reflection and calm. It’s so easy to go, go, go but when I take time to slow, slow, slow, I am a better co-worker and friend. Less frenzied and more focused.

As the holidays approach, my hope is that everyone will take a moment to look around for the metaphorical comet Leonard around them and find a peaceful moment.

– Becky Sharpe, President & CEO