ISTS is a proud supporter of Middle Tennessee businesses and nonprofits, as well as national organizations. We encourage employees both collectively and individually to embody our core value of “Help Others” by being active in causes that inspire them and lending a hand in the community.


The Starfish Campaign

Inspired by the popular story of a young boy and his attempt to save hundreds of starfish stranded on a beach, ISTS President and CEO Becky Sharpe founded the Starfish Campaign in 2010. Each year, ISTS team members come together to nominate and select charitable organizations to receive a donation from the company. This annual corporate giving initiative encourages ISTS employees to “Help Others” both professionally and personally. In 2017, ISTS incorporated a social media campaign (#HelpThatOne) to drive public awareness of and drum up additional financial support for the chosen organizations.

Starfish Recipients

Through the campaign, ISTS has provided financial support to:

Other Activities

  • Nashville Diaper Connection – Each month, a group from ISTS organizes and packages diapers to support NDC’s mission to provide diapers to babies in need and close the diaper gap in Nashville.
  • Goodera – ISTS partners with Goodera for virtual volunteer projects that serve a global audience and cover a range of social impact causes.
  • Youth Villages – ISTS fulfills the back-to-school and holiday wish lists of children in foster care by participating in the annual Backpack Hero and Holiday Hero programs.

Holiday Heroes gives our kids something to celebrate during holidays and a chance to just enjoy being a kid for once and forgetting their everyday worries. It also reminds them that there are people out there who care about them and their well-being.

Brittany Farrar

Executive Director of Middle Tennessee Programs, Youth Villages

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