Co-Op Scholarship Administration

Scholarship Applicant Co-Op Model

Introducing Co-Op: our scholarship model for sponsors with small programs and limited budgets.

The ISTS Co-Op model is a streamlined and affordable program management solution that addresses the core components of sponsoring a scholarship.

For just $2,500 per year, ISTS provides Co-Op clients with a Dedicated Program Coordinator, a branded application in our proprietary online system, and a suite of professional services including:

  • Secure application processing
  • Multilingual applicant support
  • Timely applicant status reminders & notifications
  • Independent recipient selection
  • Basic reporting
  • and more!

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Is Co-Op Right for your Organization?


To help you easily and quickly determine the best administrative option for your organization, we created a scholarship services flowchart.

Follow the chart and answer a few basic questions to find out if the Co-Op model will meet your program management needs or if our Standard model is a better fit.


Scholarship Model Options