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International Scholarship and Tuition Services Launches Network of College Tuition Discounts for Students Applying for Financial Aid

ISTS negotiates ground-breaking tuition discounts with major colleges and universities

(Nashville, TN) October 23, 2015

International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS) – a private, 100% women-owned corporation based in Nashville, TN – announced today the launch of an innovative solution to a problem facing thousands of college-bound students every year: rising tuition costs. After months of negotiations with a variety of private and public institutions, ISTS formally introduced its Tuition Discount Network, an initiative to offer reduced tuition packages at schools around the country that is available to students that participate in any of the 600 scholarship, grant and tuition assistance programs ISTS manages each year.

Managing scholarship and tuition assistance programs for more than 30 years, ISTS has pioneered various industry-impacting initiatives that have changed how students access and apply for financial aid. A leader in taking scholarship and tuition assistance programs online to make them more accessible, ISTS is now changing how applicants are rewarded for completing the application process.

“While it always feels good to award program recipients, we never liked turning away those students that did not receive an award,” said Lawrence Dresdner, ISTS Chief Marketing Officer. “Our Tuition Discount Network gives us a way to assist every student we serve and that was the goal. Even if a student misses out on a scholarship, he or she can now find discounted tuition that may offer even more value than the scholarship for which he or she applied.”

Each year, ISTS helps more than 600,000 students apply for college scholarships. While some deserving students receive a portion of the nearly $30 million in educational funds ISTS distributes on behalf of clients such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, AVON and The Home Depot, the majority are forced to find other ways to pay for school.

ISTS has negotiated deals with more than 30 college and universities, with discounts that range between 10% and 40% off of published tuition rates. In addition, some academic institutions are waiving application fees and are including additional services like transfer credit evaluation at no charge.

“We identified a mutual need from both the students we serve and the colleges and universities they are considering,” said Dresdner. “We view these discounts as a good way to connect undecided students who are actively looking for ways to afford their education with schools that really want these students.”

ISTS is focused on growing its network and offering even more valuable discounts to college-bound students.

“Our goal is to help every applicant find the educational path that will lead to the future he or she envisions. We intentionally chose not to receive any form of compensation from colleges and universities that participate in our network,” Dresdner continued. “This ensures the schools offer our students the maximum possible discount and allows ISTS to remain impartial in terms of which school the student ultimately decides to attend.”

ISTS will continue providing innovative ways to address the ever-changing needs of the college-seeking community. As a world-class program management company, ISTS is committed to giving organizations a simple way to financially support college-bound students.

To add your institution to the network, contact ISTS Director of Industry and Client Relations James Mahoney at 615-777-3743 or