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Founded in 1985, ISTS is the industry leader in scholarship, grant, loan contribution and tuition program management. We have managed programs that have provided more than $400 million in funding and have helped over 6 million students apply for financial aid.

Whether you need to outsource your scholarship program to a management expert or your company needs help administering a tuition assistance or loan repayment program, our experience will design, launch and monitor your program to ensure your program objectives are accomplished.

Our experience is not the only reason to choose ISTS.

Approach – Our high-touch approach create a collaborative environment where you define the needs and we present and guide you through the variety of ways we can satisfy them.

Scalability – With our diverse portfolio of services, dedicated Program Managers and internal Support team, you will experience not only an immediate decrease in the administrative burden of running a program but also the opportunity to grow and evolve your program into the future.

Technology – We own and maintain all systems used in the administration of every program, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips.

International Capabilities – We serve program sponsors and participants worldwide, providing multilingual support, translated applications and program materials, promotional outreach and funds disbursement in local currencies.

Reporting – Using our secure reporting portal, you’ll have 24/7 access to detailed, real-time information about your program and participant progress. It’s easy to generate reports and export them into a variety of file formats.

Data Security – ISTS prioritizes data security and has implemented industry-leading measures to safeguard client data. You can rest easy knowing that your program participants’ personal information is protected in accordance with strict industry standards.

With so many benefits to set us apart, it is no wonder we are the top service provider in the educational assistance program management industry.