Loan Repayment Management

Since 1985, ISTS has helped organizations give the gift of education.

With 35+ years of experience helping corporations offer scholarship and tuition programs, ISTS is the ideal “one-stop shop” for human resource professionals looking to enhance their company’s total rewards. Student loan repayment management from ISTS can help you navigate the hottest trend in employee benefits. Like a tuition assistance or reimbursement program, student loan assistance can be an essential part of the benefits package you use to recruit and retain top talent. As such, it is critical that benefits are available securely and consistently.

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Loan Repayment Program Management Services

With our proven technology and dedicated staff, companies can sponsor initiatives that support their entire employee population – before, during and after their pursuit of higher education. No matter what you call it – student loan repayment, loan reimbursement or loan forgiveness – our comprehensive solution is perfect for companies who already have a program in place as well as those that want to establish a new program. With ISTS, you can expect:

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Online Application
Single Sign-On
Application Processing
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Additional Services



Make sure your scholarship reaches the greatest number of candidates by utilizing our Program Promotion Services. Our e-mail lists, design services and social media expertise will ensure your program attracts qualified applicants.


Student Loan Counseling

Round out your program by providing your employees with access to personalized, one-on-one guidance on student loan topics from a team of experienced counselors.


Career & Financial Coaching

Through relationships with trusted partners, ISTS offers Clients the opportunity to enhance their program with career development coaching and financial literacy resources.