Loan Repayment/Reimbursement Program Management

With more than 30 years of experience helping corporations offer scholarship and tuition programs, ISTS is the ideal “one-stop shop” for human resource professionals looking to enhance their company’s total rewards. Let ISTS help you navigate the hottest trend in employee benefits: student loan repayment.

Like a tuition assistance or reimbursement program, student loan assistance can be an essential part of the benefits package you use to recruit and retain top talent – especially if your target hiring pool is Millennials. As such, it is critical that benefits are available securely and consistently.


Our Services

No matter what you call it – student loan repayment, loan reimbursement or loan forgiveness – our comprehensive solution is perfect for companies who already have a program in place as well as those that want to establish a new program. With ISTS, you can expect:

  • Consultation – to foster a collaborative partnership and discussion of all opportunities for program enhancement
  • A Dedicated Program Manager – a single point-of-contact who coordinates efforts with our team of program management experts and specialists
  • Customized, Online Application and Process – to easily facilitate participation
  • Timely Processing of Requests – to make the process simple and convenient
  • Professional Document Verification – to validate participant materials
  • Employment Eligibility Verification – to ensure participation is policy compliant
  • Approval or Denial of Requests – in accordance with the program policy
  • Tracking of Employee Annual Limits – to prevent participants from exceeding established thresholds
  • Multi-Channel Support – to offer convenient, expert guidance to all participants
  • Secure Administrative Portal – to provide on-demand access to reporting and other insights for program
  • Payment Disbursement – to quickly and accurately fund eligible employees

With our proven technology and dedicated staff, companies can sponsor initiatives that support their entire employee population – before, during and after their pursuit of higher education.