Scholarship Program Management

Since 1985, ISTS has helped groups and institutions give the gift of education to those that need or deserve it most by providing comprehensive scholarship program management solutions.

We are the industry leader in full-service scholarship program management. For more than 30 years, we have helped foundations, associations, societies, state agencies, religious organizations and private donors just like you by managing the entire process, from finding the appropriate student candidates to distributing the funds accordingly and everything in between.

While we take care of all the details, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your scholarship funds are used as intended—to change the lives of individuals who receive them. You can relax as your program is now sustainable, scalable and will continue to benefit from our best practices and innovation as we grow together.

If your organization has an established scholarship that has grown beyond the capability of in-house management or other vendor, we can easily transition you to full-service ISTS-managed program where we design and administer the entire process to your specifications. If launching a program for the first time seems daunting, we will work collaboratively with you to define the program structure based on your goals. Once we’ve finished designing and building it, you’ll have the type of program other organizations envy. When you tell others about your program, you will feel the kind of pride and confidence that comes from having a meticulously designed solution that is on par with the most impactful programs in world.

At ISTS, we’ve developed industry-leading technology to manage scholarships and coupled it with an experienced and highly-trained program management team. Whatever the particular requirements of your program, ISTS will develop a comprehensive plan to manage all the details for you, assuring that the right applicants get timely access to their scholarship funds and have a positive experience in the process. We are flexible and want to make it easy for you to accomplish your goals, so if there aspects of the program you would like to handle, no problem – we’ll create a package of services that meet your needs and budget! No matter how you choose to use our services, we are here to make your scholarship program successful.


Our Process

Working with ISTS is easy. In the beginning, our team will walk you through our proven process, led by a series of collaborative discussions where we discover everything you envision for your one-of-a-kind program. Leveraging our years of experience, we’ll guide you through the process of determining your program structure and defining the many variables that make your program uniquely positioned to accomplish your organization’s objectives.

Our broad portfolio of services is available to help you accomplish all of your scholarship goals. Using a secure proprietary system that we tailor to the exact specifications for your program, we generate all the forms, verbiage and instructions that students would need to apply for your scholarship. Your customized online platform will make the application process easy and features exceptional technical support so more candidates can successfully complete the application.

Our Services

  • A Dedicated Program Manager – providing a single point-of-contact who coordinates efforts with our team of program management experts and specialists
  • Customized and Intuitive Online Application – to accommodate any program structure and encourage completion
  • Document and Eligibility Verification – to ensure applicant fulfills all program requirements
  • Multi-Faceted Selection Services – to facilitate a fair and convenient evaluation process
  • Secure Administrative Portal – to provide on-demand access to reports and other insights for your program
  • Multi-Channel Support – to offer convenient, expert guidance to applicants, parents and other participants
  • Notifications and Reminders – to keep applicants and other participants informed of important program milestones
  • Award Disbursement and Tracking – to fund and maintain a connection with recipients
  • Program Promotions – to make sure your scholarship reaches the greatest number of candidates

Through relationships with trusted partners, ISTS also offers clients the opportunity to enhance their program with career and academic advising, financial literacy resources and student loan counseling.

Let’s start making your life easier and your program even more successful. Fill out the form below today and we’ll contact you to begin an exciting new chapter for your scholarship program!