Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement Program Management

With more than 30 years of experience managing programs that fund education, ISTS is the preferred solution for many Fortune 500 companies. Choose ISTS as the ideal partner for your company’s tuition assistance/reimbursement program management.

Your tuition assistance or reimbursement program is an essential part of the benefits package you use to recruit and retain your employees. As such, it is critical that benefits are available securely and consistently.

Our Process 

Let’s talk about your program and your goals. We will design the perfect program to meet your objectives, while incorporating industry best practices, safeguards for personal information and our proven methods to consistently enforce your policy.

We understand that timing is critical and that any delay in the program process could result in confusion and frustration for participants. With our services, we plan, test and monitor all aspects of your program to ensure a smooth process and satisfied participants.

Our Services

Whether your company pays for up-front tuition assistance or reimburses students after course completion, we are experts at creating programs, processes and policies that effectively achieve your company’s program objectives. We work with programs from conception to impact with services that include:

  • A Dedicated Program Manager – providing a single point-of-contact who coordinates efforts with our team of program management experts
  • Customized, Online Application and Process – to easily facilitate participation
  • Timely Processing of Requests – to make the process simple and convenient
  • Professional Document Verification – to validate participant materials
  • Employment Eligibility Verification – to ensure participation is policy compliant
  • Approval or Denial of Requests – in accordance with the program policy
  • Tracking of Employee Annual Limits – to prevent participants from exceeding established thresholds
  • Notifications and Reminders – to keep employees and management informed of important program milestones
  • Multi-Channel Support – to offer convenient, expert guidance to all participants
  • Secure Administrative Portal – to provide on-demand access to reporting and other insights for your program
  • Transfer of Confidential Data – to securely prepare your program for launch
  • Payment Disbursement – to quickly and accurately fund eligible employees

Through relationships with trusted partners, ISTS also offers clients the opportunity to enhance their program with career and academic advising, financial literacy resources and student loan counseling.

We can handle every aspect of your existing tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement program or we can help you develop one. With ISTS full-service tuition assistance/reimbursement program management, you get a partner and collaborator that combines proven expertise and exceptional customer service with the latest industry technology.