I’m not a Hallmark person – I prefer to have parties, send cards and give gifts on my own schedule. But for some reason, when I learned about February having a 29th day every four years, I felt like that uniqueness warranted some special treatment.

As a kid, I remember reciting the verse as fast as possible and laughing. I always enjoyed describing February’s condition: ‘…except February that has 28, and 29 in Leap Year.’ Here’s the official verse as reported by Wiki:

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November,
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February, twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine in each leap year.

I would have enjoyed having a leap year birthday. I know a few people and their birthday feels extra special to me.

I did some internet research on Leap Year. Back in 45 BC, the Romans changed their calendar so that months aligned more correctly with the solar calendar that made it ‘a consistent solar calendar (rather than one which was neither strictly lunar nor strictly solar)’.

As I look at the additional day my mind goes to what I can do with the extra 24 hours. What would you do if you got an extra day? Would you chill with your friends and family, knock some things off your to do list or have an adventure you’ve been putting off?  As I write this, it’s raining hard in Nashville and I’m thinking about cleaning out a long-ignored closet. My point is that I think that answering ‘what would you do with an extra day’ depends on a variety of factors. It’s a question, in my opinion, worth asking every day, but especially on the day that’s an extra one…every four years. For fun, I asked ChatGPT what it suggested I add to this blog – here’s what it said:

But perhaps the true magic of a leap year lies not in its mathematical necessity or the quirks of calendar keeping but in its symbolic invitation to step beyond the ordinary, to explore, reflect, and dare to imagine what we might achieve with just a little more time. Whether it’s rekindling connections, embarking on adventures, or simply taking a moment to breathe and be present, the leap year challenges us to consider how we allocate our most precious resource.

As the rain pours down in Nashville, transforming the mundane task of cleaning a long-ignored closet into a moment of contemplation, I’m reminded that the essence of the leap year question – what would you do with an extra day? – is not confined to February 29. It’s a query that deserves our attention every day, urging us to live intentionally, to embrace the unexpected, and to cherish the time we have, whether it’s raining or shining.

So, as we celebrate this rare day, let’s carry its spirit forward, making every day count, embracing the unique opportunities each one brings. Share your leap day stories, your dreams for an extra 24 hours, and let’s inspire one another to fill our time with meaning, joy, and purpose. After all, time is the canvas upon which we paint the story of our lives; let’s make every stroke, every day, truly extraordinary.

Thanks, AI. For now, I’m going to stick to being the author of my writing and my destiny, by choosing some kind actions, time with friends and family and yummy food in the extra 24 hours a leap year day provides.

– Becky Sharpe, CEO